Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter – 2 oz

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Product Description

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter 

This the first clinically tested, non-irritating natural nipple butter! This all natural nipple butter is  a plant-based balm created without lanolin, so it is certified vegan too. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Natural Nipple Butter is a rich, organic nipple cream, made with naturally healing organic calendula, cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. It is clinically tested and safe for both nursing mamas and babies – no need to wash it off before nursing – and it is hospital recommended!

We all know that breastfeeding is a wonder of nature, and the best way to nourish your new little one. But sore nipples are no petty predicament. Sore and cracked nipples can diminish some of the joy of nursing, so keeping them nourished, protected and moisturized helps you as you nourish your angel baby, naturally.

Free Of Lanolin Disclaimer These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter Ingredients:

Olea europaea (organic olive) oil, calendula officinalis (organic calendula) extract, theobroma cacao (organic cocoa) butter, butyrospermum parkii (organic shea) butter, (euphorbia antisyphilitica (candelilla wax), mangifera indica (mango) butter.


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Additional Information

5 Essential Skin Care Tips for Your Newborn

Your baby’s skin is delicate – and so is your baby’s immune system. Chemicals, fragrances, detergents, and baby products can cause your little one skin irritation, dryness, rashes and chafing. Luckily, there’s much you can do to keep your baby’s skin protected and nourished from these skin problems.

Here are 5 tips for taking care of your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin:

  1. 1.      Bathe your baby the right way

Give your little one a warm water bath with a gentle body wash daily. Cleansers and washes are mild and safe for your baby’s skin.  Try to use baby soaps sparingly, as they can cause skin dryness. Gently rub the body wash on your baby and make sure the water is warm and comfortable. Spend only 3 to 5 minutes in water.

  1. 2.      Take right care of your baby’s hair

Wash your little one’s hair at regular intervals. Make sure to use a mild, tear-free shampoo. Avoid shampoos that have parabens, artificial color and artificial fragrances in them. Earth Mama Angel Baby makes gentle and pure organic shampoos that leave your baby’s hair clean and naturally fragrant.  Find earth Mama Angel Baby products on Amazon.

  1. 3.      Protect your baby’s bottom

Change the diapers more frequently to prevent diaper rash – a common condition in babies. Before putting the new diaper, make sure to apply a baby bottom balm that provides your baby’s skin with a barrier to moisture – protecting your little one from wet diapers irritation.

  1. 4.      Moisturize Baby’s Skin Regularly

After giving your baby a bath, apply a moisturizing lotion on the moist skin of your infant so that it spreads and gets into the skin properly. Earth Mama Baby lotion helps replenish moisture in your baby’s skin and is extremely helpful in relieving the problem with irritation and dryness.

  1. 5.      Massage Regularly

Giving your newborn an oil massage is an essential part of skincare. An infant needs a body massage daily. It is advisable to massage the baby preferably 30 to 40 minutes before bath. Lay your baby on a soft blanket or fabric. Warm baby oil in your hand and gently massage little one’s chest and tummy – using a gentle yet firm touch. Look for oils made with organic ingredients and avoid those that have mineral oil in them.

Earth mama baby lotion

Here’s an all-natural gift from heaven for your precious little one. Earth Mama Angel baby brings to you pure, natural bubblers, soothers, and smoothers. This complete 5-piece kit includes everything you need to protect the delicate skin of your little angel. Earth Mama Angel baby products are Zero-toxins, Mum-approved and Child-tested.

Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash: This gentle and pure organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is made from organic Vanilla and Sweet Orange essential oil. Enriched with soothing organic Calendula, this tear free shampoo and body wash will leave your infant’s skin clean, moisturized, and fragrant.

Angel Baby Bottom Balm: Made with organic olive oil, this baby bottom balm has a proprietary blend of antibacterial and antifungal organic herbs, Shea butter and pure essential oils. Angel baby bottom balm soothes diaper rashes, itchy bug bites, scrapes, chicken pox and burns.

Angel Baby Lotion: Made with organic olive oil, calendula, and Shea butter, this moisturizing baby lotion soothes dryness, eczema and skin allergies.

Angel Baby Oil: Angel Baby Oil is made using organic Chamomile and organic Calendula. This scent-free formula is perfect for a massage on sensitive little ones. Hospital recommended.