Baby Registry

Baby Registry: Register here for your complete natural baby products registry. Includes free baby shower/birthday announcements, 11% off any item, natural baby products checklist, registry sharing, natural baby products video guide and more.


  1. Give your baby the best. Natural baby products the best solution for your new babys sensitive skin and needs.
  2. Baby shower/birthday announcements program.
    1. Over 12 customizable templates to choose from. Easily print or email your baby shower card or birthday party card to your guests.
    2. Natural baby products checklist.
    3. Registry favorites. Browse and learn about the most popular natural products other parents our choosing for their baby’s registry.
    4. Personalize profile. Add your baby’s photo and create a custom welcome message to your profile’s page.
    5. 11% off any item
    6. Affordable shopping. On any order of $99 or more easily breakdown the payments by 6 months.
    7. Registry sharing. Share your registry with loved ones via email, facebook, and twitter.
    8. Natural baby products video guide. Learn about today’s best natural baby products with the help of our informative videos on over 1,000 natural baby products.
    9. Gifts Manager. Easily track the status of your items list, and allows for you to check off items
    10. Easily add items to your list. When a product of your list has been purchased. A thank you email will automatically be issued. The purchased product will be checked of automatically from your registry list.
    11. Receive it later. Ability to have any item shipped to you up to 6 months after your expected due date. Excellent feature for the planning of your baby’s needs.